7003 Q Street
Omaha, NE 68117
(402) 331-8436
New for 2015: Makana Splash will be opening in early June!


Flip, whip, and zip around with Fun-Plex’s wide variety of rides! From Nebraska’s only roller coaster to a classic Tilt-A-Whirl, we have the rides that will put a spin into your day. Kiddie land offers several options for the little kids as well. Fun for the whole family is at Fun-Plex!

Thrill Rides


The Big Ohhhhhh!!!

Experience Nebraska’s only roller coaster.

Height Requirement: 48″ alone or 42″ with adult

Fun-Plex Speedway

The Fun-Plex Speedway

Bigger, better, and faster than ever. Our go-karts are a true Fun-Plex classic!

Height Requirement: 54″

Note: Anyone under 54″ may ride with a licensed driver.


The Fun-Plex Slick Track

Slip and slide around in a speedy go-kart.

Height Requirement: 52″

Note: Riders must drive alone.


Balloon Ferris Wheel

Fly high in the air as you take a view high above the park from one of our 6 hot air balloons.

Height Requirement: None



Enjoy one of the most popular carnival rides as you spin yourself around.

Height Requirement: 46″ or with adult



It’s a “spin” on the classic ferris wheel. Eight individual cars flip around as the entire ferris wheel rotates. Dizzy is an understatement.

Height Requirement: 46″ or 42″ with adult



The name says it all!

Height Requirement: None

Note: Adults may accompany children.

Bumber Boats

Bumper Boats

It’s like bumper cars on water! Float around on the water and soak the other riders. Be careful though, you might just get splashed once or twice as well!

Height Requirement: 46″ or with adult

Kiddie Land


Go Gator

A mini coaster for the kids as they take a ride on an alligator.

Maximum Height: 52″

Note: Adults may not accompany children.


Red Baron

Prepare for take-off as the little ones pilot a plane!

Maximum Height: 52″

Note: Adults may not accompany children.


Fun-Plex Express

All aboard! Fun from engine to caboose.

Maximum Height: 52″

Note: Adults may not accompany children.



Pick your ride from motorcycles to stylish cars.

Maximum Height: 52″

Note: Adults may not accompany children.

Height requirements are strictly enforced to ensure the safety of our guests. Children not meeting height requirements may ride with an adult on some rides. See listed height requirements for specific information.