7003 Q Street
Omaha, NE 68117
(402) 331-8436


Fun-Plex began as “The Kart Ranch” in the late seventies with just a go-kart track that was soon followed by a miniature golf course and a few pinball machines. As years progressed, the amusement park took on the modern day name of “Fun-Plex.”

In the 1980’s, major expansion took place with rides such as the slick track, bumper boats, and bumper cars. The newly added rides, along with the Motion Ocean and two 5-story Typhoon water slides, made Fun-Plex the largest ride and water park in Nebraska.

Since then, many more attractions have been introduced to provide fun for the whole family. The Lazzzy River was added to the water park to offer a way for guests to relax during the hot summer days, and eating establishments were extended to offer a wide variety of food for everyone.

As the years progressed, additional rides were added to spark the interest of thrill seekers everywhere. Rides such as the Chaos and Rock-O-Ride, as well as the family favorite Tilt-A-Whirl, caught the attention of many throughout Omaha and beyond.

In 2007, the Big Ohhhhhh!!! Roller Coaster opened at Fun-Plex, becoming the only roller coaster in the state of Nebraska. Plans for new go-karts and a larger track were implemented as well, along with a brand new 18-hole miniature golf course.

2015 was a pinnacle year for Fun-Plex. We kicked off a 5 million dollar waterpark expansion project with the addition of Makana Splash, a water playground for families. The new attraction, along with added deck space and private cabanas, set the stage for further waterpark development and solidified Fun-Plex’s title as largest waterpark in Nebraska.

Through the years Fun-Plex has been, and continues to be, popularly known for hosting birthday parties, company picnics, and group outings for everyone. Don’t be left out of the summer fun and consider Fun-Plex for your next event.

Today, thousands of people make their way through the gates of Fun-Plex each year.

From a few go-karts in the late seventies to the only roller coaster in the state of Nebraska, Fun-Plex continues to grow and remain one of the top tourist spots in the Omaha area.