Park Tickets

Full Day Tickets

Valid for one all day visit. Ticket does not guarantee entrance.  Entrance is on a first come first serve basis until capacity is reached.

All rates subject to sales tax, see terms below for further details.

Twilight Tickets

Valid for one visit from 4pm-7pm

All rates subject to sales tax, see terms below for further details.


In addition to the terms below, please review our Covid-19 Update here for full information regarding your visit this summer.

  • Day tickets include unlimited rides, all waterpark attractions, and mini golf. Lockers, cabanas, and concessions are not included in park entry.
  • A Single Day Ticket to Fun-Plex is valid for one person, on one single day, on any public operating day when capacity allows.
  • Ticket purchase does not guaranteed entrance on any particular day.  Park capacity restrictions apply.
  • Every person entering the park must purchase a ticket or season pass.
  • Fun-Plex does not offer any type of spectator or non-participant ticket.
  • Tube rental and parking are complimentary.
  • All guests are welcome to re-enter the park on the same day.
  • Fun-Plex does not offer tickets/passes for rides or waterpark separately.
  • Guests under 14 year of age should be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Attractions are subject to change. All purchases are with the acceptance that any current attraction may be unavailable due to  park staffing levels or maintenance.
  • Fun-Plex reserves the right to close for private use; therefore, passes are not valid during closed park events.
  • Admission to special events may not be included in purchase, including certain after-hours or pre/post season events.
  • All rates subject to 7% sales tax and are “per person.”

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before making any purchases.  Fun-Plex does not provide refunds for any reason, including the inability to enter due to capacity restrictions, attraction availability, inclement weather, or Covid-19 related delays or closures.